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Hole #1

These days it’s easy to look at many 9-hole courses around and shrug them off as beginner level, but we assure you…this is no ordinary course.

Laurel Hill has been compared to a regulation course with the drives removed. The four par-4s are in the 275-300 yard range, but because of the tree-lined doglegs they require two good iron shots to reach the green (as far as we know, no one has ever driven any of them from the tee).

The ninth hole has a pond in the dogleg, and an extremely accurate layup is needed to set up a good second shot. Of the par-threes, the second and third holes are guarded on the left by a creek in a steep ravine banked with blackberries, and the fifth and sixth holes have relatively small greens, the latter having a tricky slope.

Hole #2

Is along side a deep ravine. You’ll line up for a straight shot at the hole 170 yards out. The ravine borders the left side of the fairway with tall trees that separate you from the 8th fairway on the right. This hole looks easy but be careful…too far to the right and you’re on the eighth fairway. Too far to the left and your ball will be lost in some thick brush. Overshoot the green and you’re in heavy trees. This hole is a par 3.

Hole #3

Almost right across from the second green are the tees for the third hole. You’ll find the green about 150 yards out and while it’s a straight shot you will again be faced with similar terrain as on hole 2. The green is slightly lower in elevation from the fairway so don’t be fooled. Mind the thick trees close to the green. This hole is a Par 3.
Hole #4

This is the shortest hole on our course coming in at 110 yards. Some of the thickest trees on the course lie immediately to your left with the tee blocks of the 5th and 8th holes being within short reach of your shot. At the end, less than 50 yards past the green is Interstate Five. This is a relatively easy shot for an experienced golfer but beware of the smaller sized green and narrow fairway. This is a Par 3.
Hole #5

The fifth hole is relatively easy as long as you don’t slice. There are two important things to know: if you slice on this hole you will inevitably end up in some very thick trees and more than likely will find yourself in a world of hurt. To the left front side of the green is a small bunker. The slope of the green may also challenge you on this hole. This is a Par 3, 145 yards.
Hole #6

The sixth hole is the calm before the storm. There are trees on the left and even more trees on the right of this somewhat narrow fairway. The slightest slice will land you in the trees, but depending on how far you drive this may not be a huge problem. The trees on the right side of the fairway are not as dense as other points on the course. Our advice on this hole is to keep in mind the hole seems closer than it appears because the green lies up-hill from the tee. If you overshoot this hole you’ll find yourself in a thick patch of trees. The sixth hole is a Par 3.
Hole #7

The seventh hole is one of the longest holes on our course. As you cross through the woods and arrive at the tees of the seventh hole you’ll find yourself elevated above the fairway looking out at a beautiful panorama of our course. 310 yards in front of you lies the 7th green. Getting there is a little bit of a challenge. This fairway will dogleg left about half way out. Most golfers prefer to take 2-shots to handle this dogleg due to the tall trees on the left edge of the fairway. Your tee shot should be shorter than the layup. This hole is a Par 4. As far as we know, no one has ever reached the green on this hole in one shot.
Hole #8

The eighth hole is similar to its predecessor. This hole will dogleg left, but will be a little less forgiving if you go out of bounds. The trees and brush lining the right side of this hole are somewhat thicker than on the seventh hole. Also note that you will be shooting towards an up-hill green. The green on the 8th hole is also slightly smaller than on hole 7. This is a Par 4, 310 yards.
Hole #9

As you work your way back across the ravine and to the last hole prepare yourself for what lies ahead. The 9th hole is perhaps one of the most difficult challenges our course has to offer. Your tee shot should be about 130 yards (keep to the right) and will take you across a creek and pond. There will be a slight dogleg to the left. There aren’t nearly as many trees as on the previous holes but beware of the creek which is harder to see than the nearby pond. It’s also a Par 4 to finish things up. Now it’s time to head in the club house for a drink and something to munch on.
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